Waterproofing Materials

VT-400 VitalProof BX – Bitumen Emulsion Coating


A dark-brown water-based bitumen emulsion. It will dry into a black coating that is flexible, odor and taint free. It features micro porous-breathes to stop blistering, high temperature stability and no re-emulsification in water. It is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and free of toxic components. It is effective in reducing “concrete cancer”, carbonation, spelling and soleplate attack.

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General damp-proofing: concrete, brick, bitumen & mastic asphalt membranes, asbestos cement, slates, tiles, lead copper, zinc, corrugated iron and similar surfaces.

Product Information

Product Code Packing Details
VT-4001k 1 kg x 12/ctn.
VT-4004k5 4.5 kg x 4/ctn.
VT-40018k 18 kg/pail
VT-40020k 20 kg/pail
VT-400200k 200 kg/drum