Waterproofing Materials

VT-420 VitalBand – Bitumen Flashing Tape


A black bituminous compound covered by a reinforce aluminium film. It is a versatile self-adhesive tape for instant flashing applications. It is ready to apply, weatherproof, with outstanding durability and is economical.

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Protection : Asphalt, brickwork, concrete, fiber cement sheet, metal and plastic materials, roofs and covering etc.

Sealing & Waterproofing : Glass & plastic windows frames, parapets, skylight structures etc.

Repair Work : Metal and fiber cement sheet roofing, shingles, gutters and metal tube etc.

Product Information

Product Code Measurement Thickness Packing Details
VT-420501C 50mm x 1m 1.5mm 144 packs/ctn.
VT-420503 50mm x 3m 1.5mm 48 rolls/ctn.
VT-42050 50mm x 10m 1.5mm 36 rolls/ctn.
VT-42075 75mm x 10m 1.5mm 24 rolls/ctn.
VT-420100 100mm x 10m 1.5mm 18 rolls/ctn.
VT-420150 150mm x 10m 1.5mm 12 rolls/ctn.
VT-420300 300mm x 10m 1.5mm 6 rolls/ctn.