Waterproofing Materials

VT-422 UltraBand – Butyl FlashingTape


A butyl self-adhesive waterproof sealing tape that grips on tight and bonds instantly. It’s a premium quality waterproofing material that can be applied on most surfaces, providing strong adhesive force. With its easy-to-apply feature, it is one of the best choices for construction and industrial applications as well as household repair.


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Roof - Roof water resistant, repair roof leaking, over joints and cracks in roof cladding.
Interior - Water tank, door, wall, bathroom, swimming pool, ventilation pipe, PVC pipe.
Exterior - Apply over joints and cracks on cement sheeting, masonry tiles, around water pipes, gutters, down pipes and more.
Car industry - Repair for leaking on the roof and car body.

Available Colours

Product Information

Product Code Measurement Thickness Inner Box Carton Quantity
VT-422502M5 50mm x 2.5m 1.2mm 6 48 rolls / carton
VT-422505M 50mm x 5m 1.2mm 6 36 rolls / carton
VT-4225010M 50mm x 10m 1.2mm 6 36 rolls / carton
VT-422755M 75mm x 5m 1.2mm 4 24 rolls / carton
VT-4227510M 75mm x 10m 1.2mm 4 24 rolls / carton
VT-4221005M 100mm x 5m 1.2mm 3 18 rolls / carton
VT-42210010M 100mm x 10m 1.2mm 3 18 rolls / carton
VT-4221505M 150mm x 5m 1.2mm 2 12 rolls / carton
VT-42215010M 150mm x 10m 1.2mm 2 12 rolls / carton
VT-4223005M 300mm x 5m 1.2mm - 6 rolls / carton
VT-42230010M 300mm x 10m 1.2mm - 6 rolls / carton


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