Epoxy Adhesive & Putty

VT-137 All Purpose Putty


A hand-mixable, fast setting epoxy putty that mixes in just one minute to quickly repair items made of wood, glass, masonry, metal and plastic. It comes in a handy “tootsie-roll” form, contains pre-measured portions of activator and base throughout with the curing agent (activator) encapsulated in the consistency eliminates drips and runs, providing “no mess” applications with no tools required. It cures to a white colour. Once cured, it can be tapped, drilled, screwed, sawed, machined or painted. It resists rust, shrink or pull away. Also resistant to water, temperature extremes, and chemicals.


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Fill cracks and nails holes; seal pipes leaks; repair handles and tool parts, ferrous metals; rebuild small engine parts; form nuts and bolts, anchor machines and housing; patch equipment ducts and appliances; reshape chipped bricks and damaged timber. Also bond to wood, glass, masonry, metals and many plastics for both interior and exterior use.


Available Colours

Product Information

Product Code Content Inner box Outer Carton
VT-137 50 g / pack 12 144
VT-137100 100 g (50 g x2) / pack 12 144


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