Super Glue & All Purpose Adhesive

VT-802 / VT-802NT 502 Super Glue (Ultra Fast)


VT-802 502 Super Glue is a low viscosity, ultra-fast setting ethyl based Cyanoacrylate Adhesive which bonds almost immediately upon contact. VT-802 is specially formulated for difficult to bond substrate like acetic woods.


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Typical applications include wood trim on furniture, balsa wood bonding for hobbyists, plastics, rubber, TPR elastomer etc.

Product Information

Product Code Packaging Size Inner Box Outer Carton
VT-802 20 g bottle 50 1000
VT-802NT 20 g bottle (Nesting Tray) 50 600
VT-802BT 20 g bottle (Individual Box) 50 600
VT-80250 50 g bottle 50 400


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