MS Polymer Sealant

VT-626 / VT-626S Green Sealant


An environmentally friendly elastomeric sealant based on advanced MS Polymer. It is a low-modulus sealant with high movement capability.



Suitable for electronics cleanroom applications, sealing concrete joints (expansion joints, control joints, FRC boards etc.), window frame perimeter, etc. Other applications include sealing of anodized aluminum, masonry, porcelain, coated metal, finished wood, epoxy and polyester panels, UPVC, polystyrene, and stainless steel.

Available Colours

Product Information

Product Code Content Carton Quantity
VT-626 290 ml (cartridge) 20 cartridges/carton
VT-626S 600 ml (sausage) 20 sausages/carton


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