MS Polymer Sealant

VT-624 / VT-624S MS Construction Sealant


A standard elastomeric sealant based on advanced MS Polymer technology. It is a low modulus sealant with ±25% movement capability with good weather resistance. It is suitable for sealing fillet joints (wall to wall, wall to floor junctions) as part of a waterproofing system.



Sealing fillet joints (wall & floor movement junctions), concrete joints (precast wall panels, expansion joints, control joints etc.), window frame perimeter etc.

Available Colours

Product Information

Product Code Content Carton Quantity
VT-624 290 ml (cartridge) 20 cartridges/ carton
VT-624S 500 ml (sausage) 20 sausages/ carton
VT-624S 600 ml (sausage) 20 sausages/ carton


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