Acrylic Sealant

VT-228 Fire Retardant Sealant


An acrylic-based firestop sealant for fire-rated joint applications. It is rated up to 4 hours with BS EN 1366-4: 2006 specification. It is suitable to seal gaps where slight movements are expected.


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Indoor joints with fire retardant requirements (joints between walls and ceiling, joints around pipe and cable work, perimeter sealing of fire rated doors and windows). It has good adhesion on most construction materials (concrete, bricks, painted wood, aluminum, etc.).

Available Colours

Product Information

Product Code Content Carton Quantity
VT-228 450 g (cartridge), 900 g (sausage), 15 kg (pail) 24 cartridges/carton, 20 sausages/ carton

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