RTV Gasket Maker

VT-153 / VT-165 Vital Copper RTV


Specially designed for 4-cylinder, turbocharged or high performance engine that requiring a unique RTV Gasket. It is the most advanced, high temperature RTV silicone gasket currently available. It features low odour, non-corrosive with excellent oil resistance. It is three times more oil resistant than conventional silicone gasket and eight times more flexible than cut gaskets. It is permanently flexible and stable at temperature of between -80 °F to 700 °F (-62 °C to 370 °C). It is also highly resistant to automotive fluids.


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Rear main bearing cap split line, damper keyway sealing, differential cover, intake end seals, OHC cap, oil pan corner seals, oil pan gasket, side cover plate, thermostat housing, timing cover, transmission pan, valve cover gasket, vibration damper, water pump cover gasket, intake manifolds and exhaust manifold

Product Information

Product Code Content Inner Box Outer Carton
VT-153 3 oz. (85 g) tube carded 12 144
VT-165 300gm/cartridge - 24