Household Adhesive & Sealant

VT-920 / VT-921 / VT-922 V-Tack - Reusable Putty Sealant


V-Tack is an ever-tacky, reusable putty sealant that provides a safe and clean alternative to pins and tapes for various uses at home, school or office. V-Tack can be completely removed without damaging painted surfaces. By folding and kneading the used adhesive putty, V-Tack becomes sticky again and ready for reuse.


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Ideal on non-porous surfaces such as vinyl coated wallpapers, painted surfaces, glass, metal etc. It is also suitable for installation of household decorative materials such as poster, wall decorations, modelling etc.

Available Colours

Product Information

Product Code Content Inner Box Carton Quantity
VT-920 35g pack 20 packs 400 packs/carton
VT-921 50g pack 20 packs 400 packs/carton
VT-922 80g pack 20 packs 200 packs/carton


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