Epoxy Adhesive & Putty

VT-511 Non-Sag Epoxy


Non-Sag Epoxy is formulated as a putty-like mastic with non-flowing consistency. It is also capable of curing underwater, making it suitable for boat building and repair applications. The non-sag property allows it to perform well on vertical and overhead applications of up to maximum ½ inch gap. It is able to resist to weathering, fungus, seawater, decay, gasoline, alkalis, and even some acids. It exhibits a remarkable combination of properties, high mechanical strength, excellent resistance to most chemical and reliable heat resistance. It contains no solvent that causes shrinkage, chipping, peeling off and cracking.

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It is suitable for various bonding, sealing, gap filling and repair applications where the non-sag property is required. It helps to increase the strength, durability and reliability in most conditions. It is good on fiberglass, glass, wood, metal, concrete and many plastics.

Product Information

Product Code Product Name Packaging Size Packaging Detail
VT-511300 Non-Sag Epoxy - Resin (A) & Hardener (B) 300 g 50 sets/carton
VT-511700 Non-Sag Epoxy - Resin (A) & Hardener (B) 700 g 24 sets/carton
VT-5111K4 Non-Sag Epoxy - Resin (A) & Hardener (B) 1.40 kg 12 sets/carton
VT-5112K8 Non-Sag Epoxy - Resin (A) & Hardener (B) 2.80 kg 6 sets/carton