Epoxy Adhesive & Putty

VT-502 Panel Epoxy


A solvent-free, thixotropic 2-component adhesive and repair mortar, based on a combination of epoxy resins and specially selected high-strength fillers. It features high-strength, high-modulus, and moisture-tolerant properties for structural bonding purposes. Besides, its smooth texture allows it to be patched into gaps or holes of varying sizes more easily.

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Bonding tongue and groove and sealing butt joint of lightweight wall panels. Reinforce structural bonding of concrete, masonry, metals, wood, anchoring of grout bolts, dowels, vertical and overhead. As a patching mortar for concrete, stone, ceramics, mortar, plasterwork, steel, iron, aluminium, wood, wood-fibre chip board, asbestos cement, polyester, epoxy and glass. Repair of joint corners and be a rigid connection of narrow joint.

Product Information

Product Code Content
VT-502 5.0 kg / set (Resin - 3.33 kg/4 pail, Hardener - 1.67 kg/12 cans)