Epoxy Adhesive & Putty

VT-143 Vital 3 Ton Epoxy


An amber epoxy adhesive formulated to give longer working time (90 - 180 minutes) for large assemblies with multiple components. It is the original heavy duty epoxy suitable for most conditions. It exhibits a remarkable combination of properties, high mechanical strength, excellent chemical resistance and reliable heat resistance. It is easy to machine and non-conductive.

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Bonds metal, wood, plastic, china, ceramic, brick, concrete, masonry, tools, glassware, fiberglass repair, etc.

Product Information

Product Code Product Name Content Inner box Outer Carton
VT-143 Vital 3 Ton Epoxy 28.4 g (1 oz.) / pack 12 144
VT-143100 Vital 3 Ton Epoxy 50 g x 2 tubes boxed 12 144

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