We manufacture different types of butyl sealant in Malaysia such as Vital Tape Butyl Sealant, Insulation Cork Tape, All purpose Butyl Sealant, Roofing tape, vacuum bagging tape, door trim tape, water tank tape, and concrete butyl (manhole) tap.

Vital Tape is an ever-tacky, black coloured, butyl sealant with good adhesion to most surfaces. It offers a fast and clean method for glass installation with instant adhesion. It is specially formulated for use as a placement sealant tape for installation of windscreen, tail light, etc. It remains permanently sealed and waterproof between glass and pinch weld, metal and plastic

Insulation Cork Tape is specially formulated for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry as a non-hardening, non-toxic insulating material for all applications where the problem of “pipe sweat “ is encountered. It has good adhesive strength, has excellent paper release and contains no asbestos. It prevents condensation dripping on refrigerant lines, cold pipes and other commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems. It can also serve as insulator on hot pipes, valves & fittings, as gasketing material and as sound-deadening material.

All Purpose Butyl Sealant is an extruded, ever-tacky and pressure-sensitive gasket sealant with a good adhesion strength. It forms an instant seal against water, air and dust while remaining permanently soft. It is ideal for filling gaps and sealing joints such as those on bolt-on duct flanges and circular ducts in HVAC systems, air-conditioner casings, roofing and cladding systems, and caravan roofs and panels.

Door Trim Tape is an ever-tacky, black colored sealant with a good adhesion strength. It offers a fast and clean method for sealing uneven gaps between a car door trim and the main door frame. Ideal for volume car door production, where greater dimensional accuracy and lower wastage are required. Shorter strips can be used for sealing wires and electrical harnesses within the car door structure to prevent water tracking.

Roofing Tape is a double-sided butyl adhesive tape that has high cohesive and adhesive strengths. It contains anti-oxidants, fungicides and anti-bacterial agents and available in several sizes. It is used on built-up roof to seal end laps and the side laps of the top (weather) sheet. Other applications include sealing around rooflights, gutters and flashings. It is suitable for both clay and concrete tiles as well as metal roofing installation onto concrete, metal or wooden structures. The tape can also be used on glass, polycarbonate, uPVC, epoxy coated surfaces and fibre cement boards

Vacuum Bagging Tape is an ever-tacky butyl sealant tape with a good adhesion for sealing against air and water. It is ideal for use on composite casting surfaces and is easy to be removed from the mould. It forms a tight seal on plastics, metal, glass, wood and concrete.

Water Tank Tape is an extruded, ever-tacky, waterproof, high performance butyl tape. It is non-toxic and safe for use in contact with drinking water. It is specifically formulated to permanently seal flange joints of water tanks.

Concrete Butyl (Manhole) Tape is supplied in rope form, primarily used as a gasketing material for fast and efficient sealing of joints in precast concrete. It contains a high proportion of butyl rubber and specially formulated with other solids, hence will not crack, shrink, or harden in its service. It provides excellent adhesion and cohesion to various substrates - concrete, metal, glass, wood, and painted surfaces. It can be used on precast concrete, vertical panel structures, sanitary manhole joints wet wells, septic tanks, utility boxes etc.